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How to make a coat of arms for school

If you lived in Europe during the Middle Ages, the head of your family might have had a coat of arms: a decorated design on his shield that showed the world who he was and what he stood for.

Any family can create a coat of arms as a way to teach children about family members' values, their ancestry, and their hopes for the future. Make your own coat of arms with this fun activity that's also a great way to get your child thinking about what's important to your family. It makes a great addition to the costume box as well! Bookmark this to easily find it later.

Then send your curated collection to your children, or put together your own custom lesson plan. Please note: Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of our website for account-specific questions or issues. My Education. Log in with different email For more assistance contact customer service. Preschool Kindergarten 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th. Entire library.

How To Draw Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Coat of Arms from Harry Potter

Create a Family Coat of Arms. Share this activity. Download free activity. Grade Preschool. Thank you for your input. Your coat of arms presents your family to the world. Ask your child what your family is all about.

Does he want to broadcast your loyalty, gentleness, or bravery to the world? Start a discussion about what qualities your child prizes in his family. Traditionally, every picture and even every color on a coat of arms represents something different. For example, purple was the color of royalty and swords represented justice.

Talk with your child about symbolism. How can he draw the values he hopes to capture in the coat of arms? If your child needs some help, suggest that he think of an animal, a color, and an object that represent his family. Have your child draw on the shield with the markers. Typically, the images on the shield should be centered on the shield, with a field of color in the background.

If you want, you can also encourage your child to use finger paint to add to the design. Bend the tube a little bit before attaching so that there is room for a little arm to go through. This will be the handle of the shield. Now your little knight is ready to go forth proudly carrying his family coat of arms!

Related learning resources. Create a Bread Sculpture. Let your preschooler create something cute while making something delicious to eat: create bread sculptures, or shapes of bread dough!

Help your preschooler to create this artful reminder of home for the first days of school. Using family photos your child can collage a memento of home. Create a Kindness Card.

Use these traceable cards to incorporate more opportunities for gratitude in your day-to-day life by sharing what you are thankful for with your friends and family. Learn reading and writing one word family at a time! Help your beginning reader practice identifying words in the "-ill" family.Coat of arms came into being in the early twelfth century. Historians dispute the exact origins; some saying coat of arms were created so that knights would be recognized in battle by their followers, others stating that heraldry was merely a device used to show off position.

The components of a coat of arms are:. Note: Some of these components are not found on all coats of arms, those in bold are part of all official coats of arms. For each element of the coat of arms, there is symbolism. Colors symbolize the attributes or virtues of the bearer. The design of the field symbolizes the elements of air, water, land and fire.

how to make a coat of arms for school

Other icons symbolize position, and occupation as well as virtues. Each coat of arms tells a story rich in detail. However, this detail can be overwhelming. Supplying students with charts showing some of the symbolism of the elements is suggested. Charts on color and some of the more frequently used icons like the bear, stag and cross are easy to create.

There are many excellent books that teachers can access on heraldry. In fact, there are free ebooks available on the subject online or, you can access books from the school library. Some books for students ages Books for students ages Not all countries have coat of arms.

However, students with ancestry in Europe and the Middle East may find examples of coat of arms that are connected to family names. Prior Knowledge:.

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Students are asked to brainstorm what they know about heraldry. Have they ever seen a coat of arms? What did it look like? Who used coat of arms? Have students research a family name or a famous name that might be associated with a coat of arms. Once they have found the coat of arms, ask them to identify the various components.

Click here for a pop quiz. Finally, have students create their own coat of arms using all of the components taught. Symbolism within the coat of arms may be from medieval times or modern; let students decide which they wish to use. Medieval coat of arms lesson plans are an excellent way to learn how medieval knights "blew their own horn! Photo Credit: WikiCommons. Bright Hub Education. Skip to content. What is a Coat of Arms?

Popular Pages Home. More Info. Stay In Touch. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy.This means that you can create a different custom family coat of arms, family crest, or mantel that is different than the one that we have in our records.

Some surnames have more than one blazon of arms, so we are giving our genealogy friends this option. The Pictures to the side is a few of the samples we have to offer. Feel free to give us a call if you have any additional ideas on a coat of arms design. Even if you wish to create a coat of arms from scratch, then let us know what symbols you wish to use and we. There are several parts to a coat of arms. Each of the important sections is shown in the picture above.

When you design a coat of arms, you want to create a coat of arms to fit your needs. Making a coat of arms is normally a fun and exciting time for you and your family, or you may be creating a company logo or even a emblem for a school, association, or organization of some kind.

The main parts of a coat of arms are listed below, but you do not have to use all of them when you make your own coat of arms. We offer an On Line Form so you can explain in detail how you want your coat of arms designed and it can be found in Step 4, but you need to read Steps 1, 2, and 3 first before filling out the On Line Form. Some customers have the misconception that changing artwork is normally very easy and sometimes it is.

But sometimes a small change in say making a symbol look up instead of down will take an hour to change, but another symbol was created in a manner that only takes 5 minutes to make it look up instead of down. We reserve the right to make the decision on what is easy and what is not as we have the expertise to understand how the artwork of any symbol was created and how long it will take to make the change.

This is why some changes are not allowed to be considered a free change. Advanced artwork revisions are charged by the hour and is normally estimated for customer on the cost.

If you decide that you want to start from the beginning again or make some dramatic changes to the design then expect there to be an added charge. This is why we suggest you take your time and add symbols to the coat of arms that you know you will like. It covers a number of subjects in detail.

Most of the questions are in regards to customization to family tree charts, family coat of arms, family crest symbol, Design Your Own Coat of Arms Symbolsurname history, family rings, and last name meaning, but the first few apply to everyone.

Medieval Coat of Arms Lesson Plans

This will help avoid any problems that could arise about your order. Free pedigree chart if needed.

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These family tree products make great birthday giftsChristmas presentsor a Wedding and Anniversary gift. The Tree Maker offers you the option to design your own coat of arms symbol.

A custom coat of arms is created for many reasons. The Tree Maker can offer simplistic artwork or advanced art work to create the family crest symbol, company logo, or school emblem. Design your own custom made coat of arms symbols to reflect the values and believes that you, your organization, or company wants to project.

School emblems or college insignias are also offered with our custom services and will include any symbols that are needed in the design.Ever since my three year old begged me for a Knight In Shining Armor Birthday Party this past summer, both my boys have been obsessed with playing knights, fighting dragons, and building castles.

Knights of old certainly are exciting to read about and make believe. Families would choose symbols and colors that held certain meanings for their history and reputation, and these would appear on their clothing, banners, shields, crests, and other important objects. Colors were important and could reveal whether you were royalty, or in the military.

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The shapes, stripes, chevrons all had meanings too, but that was a bit too detailed for my little boys, so we stuck with colors and symbols. I created a printable with twelve symbols that I thought would hold strong meanings for my boys: bear, fox, eagle, lion.

The boys selected a shield or crest shape, and cut it out. Then they choose four different symbols. After coloring each one, we colored the background of the shield, then glued the symbols down in each corner. My son choose the owl for wisdom, the arrow for protection, the bear for fierceness, and the eagle for strength. He colored his shield green, blue and gold hope, loyalty, generosity. Creating a coat of arms is a simple project.

You could do this project along with some read-aloud time, or as a family bonding activity.

How to Make a Family Crest for a School Project

Even kids as young as my three year old can understand that a bear represents strength. You can extend the connection from symbolic meaning to real-life action. After your kids complete the Create a Coat of Arms Activity, discuss:. Once kids understand the meanings, embark on a knightly quest for good deeds! Our quest was ongoing, so we used a checklist of Knightly Good Deeds.

You can read all about this coordinating activity and grab THAT printable to print and hang for your kids to try to check off each one! Kids of any age can learn to be chivalrous and show generosity through good deeds towards others. A historical topic like knights in shining armor adds high-interest value to your discussions and activities. Our coat of arms activity turned into a wonderful hands-on learning experience. Click this link or picture below to access printable PDF file!

When have you connected history to real life for your kids? All opinions are my own. This site has printables available here! You can find as many ferocious things as you can to intimidate your enemies with your coat of arms!

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. How to Create a Coat of Arms Activity I created a printable with twelve symbols that I thought would hold strong meanings for my boys: bear, fox, eagle, lion.

Then we mounted the shield onto a larger piece of construction paper.As a student of character, your task is to create a new coat of arms that represents your identity! You can also create a coat of arms for a character in a book you are reading or a historic figure you are studying.

Talk to your class about symbols they find in the world around them. The American flag and eagle on our national seal are symbols most students study in first grade. Ask students if they can remember what the stars states and stripes on the flag colonies represent.

Ask your class to brainstorm other symbols in your classroom and community and talk about what they mean.

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Be sure students understand that we use visual symbols to represent ideas and communicate these ideas quickly. You could also show students the Mitsubishi car symbol. Most of them will know it comes from a car, and many may even be able to tell you it is from a Mitsubishi.

Show students an example of a coat of arms. Medieval knights used a coat of arms to distinguish themselves from their opponents. While there are many pieces to a coat of arms, and rules for the creation and approval of an official coat of arms, this lesson plan focuses on the colors and symbols used in the shield, the supporters, and the motto. Have students look again at a coat of arms and discuss what they think the symbols on it might mean.

Create a Family Coat of Arms

Then, explore additional information about the meaning of common colors, symbols, and supporters used on a coat of arms. Revisit your earlier thoughts on the meaning of the symbols in the example. Whether students are creating a coat of arms for a character from a book or for themselves, they should start by identifying key character traits the coat of arms should display.

Use a graphic organizerlike a cluster to help students identify and record the traits they want to symbolize on their coat of arms. As they identify words that describe traits and values, have students consider the meaning of different colors and symbols, and choose which ones they will use to symbolize the identity they want to convey. Give students a general outline or suggestion for what their coat of arms should include. You can show students simple shapes or share a template like the Coat of Arms or Family Shield activities in the Wixie Activities library.

If students are creating a coat of arms as an all about me project, you might want to specify what elements they put in each area. For example, ask them to include a symbol to represent their favorite food, hobby or special talent, their family, etc.

Having consistent symbols across a class will help students get to know one another. Telling students what to include removes student agency and thinking in the project. If you do want to boost thinking and student voice, have a class discussion before creating to determine as a class what types of symbols or representations students think should be included or defined for each location on the shield.

If students are creating a coat of arms to represent a character in a book, leave the process more open-ended so the students have to think more deeply about which traits they are sharing the symbolism that goes into them.

You could also have them add Supporters to their coat of arms.

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These are the animals that stand to each side of the shield to support it. These are also chosen for symbolic value. Have students write a paragraph explaining the reasoning behind their use of colors and symbols, as well as why they chose a particular motto for their character.In ancient times, family crests were used as a representation of a family group.

These crests, which often appeared on shields, held colors and pictures intended to convey information about the family in question, including their class and trade. While exploring this concept, teachers commonly ask students to create a crest for their family that, like the crests of old, broadcasts information about who their family is and what value the family group holds. Create an outline of the shape of your choice on your poster board.

Some crests were simple ovals, while others were ornate and elaborate shapes, including scrolls and other finery. Outline your selected shape on your poster board, first in pencil, then in marker or crayon. Divide the shape into four sections, using a ruler.

As with the outline, complete this process first in pencil then, once you are satisfied with your line placement, go over your lines in marker or crayon. Explore and consider the meaning of different common crest symbols before you start designing your crest.

Each line and shape on a crest has a meaning. Read a book about these meanings, or visit a website that contains information about the topic. Select a color scheme for your crest.

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While you will likely incorporate a number of colors into your design, you should still select one dominant color to fill the majority of your crest. Decide upon a color by consulting information about crest meanings, or select a color that holds significance to your family.

Fill each quadrant of your image with a different symbol to represent your family. You can exercise your artistic skill and draw these symbols, or you can use pictures from magazines or the Internet to complete this process.

Laminate your crest to create a neat and finished look. Use clear laminating paper, visit a copy center or ask your teacher to laminate the finished product for you. By laminating your work, you create a crisp, clean final product that will withstand the test of time. Erin Schreiner is a freelance writer and teacher who holds a bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University.

She has been actively freelancing since Schreiner previously worked for a London-based freelance firm. Her work appears on eHow, Trails.

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She currently teaches writing to middle school students in Ohio and works on her writing craft regularly. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.

See disclaimer. About the Author. Photo Credits.Children can learn an appreciation for their family history and societal traditions by designing and creating their own family coat of arms.

Using the coat of arms as a school project encourages children to consider their personal values and their importance.

The coat of arms project enables children to think critically about how to symbolize their most important values and characteristics in a manner that communicates these to other people. Review the meanings of each color used on a coat of arms with your class.

how to make a coat of arms for school

For example, yellow or gold stands for generosity, white and silver for peace and sincerity, black for constancy, purple for royalty, green for hope and loyalty and blue for truthfulness.

Review the meanings of each animal that can be used on the coat of arms. According to Storyboardtoys. Encourage your students to consider their values and place them in order of importance.

They should choose their top one or two to depict on their coat of arms. Provide a blank template for the children to use as a starting point. The template will be a blank shield with a blank ribbon below the shield. Tell the class to choose the colors and the animal that best suit the values they have identified.

how to make a coat of arms for school

Do not limit your students to the list. They should be encouraged to modify and produce their own symbols and develop a shield unique to them so they can take pride in their project. Each child should be able to identify why he made the choices. Review heraldic symbols with the class such as: an axe indicates dutifulness, a crescent signifies enlightenment, crosses indicate Christian sentiments, crowns represent authority, a flaming heart represents passion, a hand tells of faith, sincerity and justice, a star shows nobility, a sun shows glory and a sword stands ready for war.

Tell the students to use these elements to complete their coat of arms template. The children will enter their last names in the ribbon below the shield. Provide ample time for each member of the class to stand up and present his coat of arms. The student should identify each element in the coat of arms and tell how it relates to the values he identified in himself. Do not criticize a child's choices for the coat of arms. The goal of the project is to encourage self-critical thinking skills.

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The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer. About the Author.

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